6 Developments in the f&b industry

The f&b industry is a competitive and ever-changing one. The most recent trend has been the “farm to table” movement, which focuses on sourcing produce locally and serving dishes made with fresh ingredients. This new trend is affecting how restaurants operate, as well as what they serve at their establishments.


With more and more young people getting used to eating out regularly, there is an increased demand for newer, more exciting dining experiences. This is where fast-casual chains step in – a new concept that offers the convenience and familiarity of a QSR with the ambiance and flair of a fine-dining place. Brands like FreshMenu, The Biryani Cart, Smokin’ Joes, Hunger Strike, to name just a few, are well-positioned to grab eyeballs due to their novel menu offerings that ensure repeat visits but also sustain interest among customers.


Consumers today are well educated about what they eat and how it affects their overall wellbeing. Coupled with the fact that life has become increasingly hectic, people appreciate quick-service restaurants offering lighter fares that are easy to handle after a tiring day. Also, the millennial population is showing a greater inclination towards healthy options to reflect their commitment to living an active lifestyle.


With the increased penetration of smartphones and ever-increasing internet connectivity, consumers are looking for more convenient ways to access what they want without going out of their homes. Brands like Faasos, FreshMenu, TinyOwl, among others, have tapped into this market effectively with fast deliveries and innovative menu offerings that keep customers hooked onto them.


It’s no longer just about vegetarians opting for vegan food; even non-vegetarians are gradually making the shift due to multiple benefits that are associated with it. Brands like VeganBurg, Native Foods Cafe, and Wada Pav are now taking their vegan food to the masses by embarking on aggressive expansion plans that include tying up with QSRs to increase reach.


Today’s consumers are exposed to a vast range of cuisines and want to explore newer options when dining out. This has led many restaurants in India to try reviving once-extinct cuisines to tap into something new so as not to fall behind changing tastes. Also, there is inadequate information about these cuisines, which makes them even more interesting for restaurateurs who can leverage this opportunity well by setting up small niche restaurants without worrying about having to compete with the big names in the industry.


Innovation is the name of the game in the startup ecosystem, and restaurateurs have understood this early on by diversifying their business by creating a team of individuals who can conceptualize and execute new ideas which will help them stay ahead of the curve. Brands like Social, The Bombay Canteen, among others, have created a niche for themselves by hiring professionals from different backgrounds – food technologists, chefs, artists, to name a few.


There are many exciting developments in the f&b industry. The future of food is here, and it’s delicious! Whether you’re looking for a new restaurant or preparing your meals, there are plenty of both old favorites and innovative options to choose from

The 6 Most Famous Cake Brands Around the World

Nothing’s as fitting as cake when it comes to grand desserts. It has made various appearances in birthdays, weddings and just about every occasion there is.

Cake brands are a dime a dozen, but if you want the most famous cake brands for prestige then take a look at the list below.

Maggie Austin

Maggie Austin is a world-class cake designer, author, instructor and cake designer, and before this she had an illustrious career as a ballet dancer.

Her works of art range from stained glass masterpieces to a replica of the Black Swan, and the cakes look too good to be eaten. When you order a cake from Maggie Austin you can be sure that it will be wonderful and fitting for the occasion.

Madison Lee

A cake expert by lineage, Madison learned from both her parents, who worked at the local bakery and decorated cakes as a hobby.

The Madison Lee brand is renowned throughout the world as one of the best cake and sugar flower creations. She can make any kind of cake depending on what you want, but the wait and preparation time can take anywhere between 6 months to a year.

Fiona Cairns

You might remember Fiona Cairns as the one who was tasked to make the cake for Kate Middleton and Prince William’s royal wedding, something that she did with absolute perfection. The brand went on to become a sought-after bakery in the UK, with custom cakes fetching astronomical prices.

Lael Cakes

Lael Cakes is based in Brooklyn and has the distinction of creating cakes that are entirely free of gluten and dairy. Vegan has never looked so good (and tasted so heavenly) when you order from this brand.

To achieve this the bakery store owner, Emily Aumiller makes her own custom blend of flours, using alternative ingredients for dairy, saturated fat and refined sugar. In terms of art, you get a plethora of designs that range from rustic to traditional, and more.

Bastien Blanc-Tallieur

The name Bastien Blanc-Tallieur is associated with extravagance, with cake creations known for being tall masterpieces that barely clear the ceiling.

Aside from custom creations the cake maker is popular because they make incredibly lifelike flowers that are crafted individually by hand. And it’s not just one or two flowers, either- they are scattered throughout and are part of the whole cake, which makes it even more impressive.

The taste is as good as the eye candy, if not better. When in Paris and want a luxury cake, make sure to stop by Bastien Blanc-Tallieur’s bakery.

The Cakery

The Cakery has fast become one of the best companies for cakes hong kong – the cakery has a mind-boggling selection of cakes that range from luxury to collections and more. They have a website where you can browse through mouth-watering selections, and order ahead of time. The brand is also fairly active on social media, with a lot of people saying great things about them and their cakes.

Each ingredient is high-quality, and you can choose your preferences if need be. Aside from looking absolutely exquisite, one bite from The Cakery’s creations and you’ll become a brand believer. The reason they’ve become so popular is because they’re the only current cake company in Asia offering healthy cake alternatives while matching taste and quality, offering ignredients such as vegan and keto.

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